It is VIP TOP USD event. Money must be spent to participate in this event. Players that spend real money are not always given the item.

This event is an extremely bad investment. Nearly all items can be bought elsewhere for much cheaper. Avoid spending money on this event.

Available at village level 10.

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Players must purchase Wishing Cards using real money to participate. Wishing Cards can then be used on one of the four items currently offered by the event. Being the only player to bet on an item DOES NOT guarantee that the item will be won.

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Players BEWARE!

If you wish on an item with a timer that expires after the event time, then that item will never be given to anyone! The only way for this item to be won is if enough wishes are made to fill the blessings bar.

Wishing Cards costs roughly 3 USD or 30 Kreds per card.

Top up during the event will give you some wishing cards and other misc regular resources.

Kreds USD Wishing Cards USD/Card Resource 1 Resource 2
20 2 1 2 5 x Milk
100 10 5 2 30 Research Guides 5000 Silver
500 50 10 5 5 Tribal Armbands 5000 Silver
1000 100 30 3.33 5 Excellent Cornelians 75 Gold
2000 200 70 2.86 10 Normal Flint 60 Sacred Crystals
5000 500 150 3.33 10 Viking Skill Book Lv.1 100 Fashion Pieces

Items for Sale

Items for sale seem to appear in a specific order. Four preselected items are available at the event start, and the next items made available will be the next items on the list. This is speculation and there have been some exceptions. This events bug could be changing the order of items.

Initial four items are Sea Breeze Fashion for Waldemar, 200k silver, 200 Fashion Pieces, and 200 Research Guides.

Initial 4 items Sea Breeze Fashion for Waldemar 200k Silver 200 Fashion Pieces 200 Research Guides
5-6 10k Odinite Viking Skill Book Lv.6
7 Ice Hat Lv.1
8 50 Tribal Armbands
9 20 Excellent Cornelians
10-11 200 Sacred Crystals 100 Bull Horns
12 Sea Breeze Fashion for Hilde
13 50 Normal Flint
14-16 Ice Jacket Lv.1 50 White Wax 500 Solid Bronze
17 50 Bones
18 50 White Wax
19 50 Black Jades

Other known items for sale are

1x Sea Breeze Fashion Gunnar (?)

1x Sea Breeze Fashion Vigdis (?)

Wishing Card cost Approximate Max USD Cost Item
200 600 Sea Breeze Fashion for Waldemar Sea Breeze Fashion for Hilde 200 Fashion Pieces
200 600 50 Normal Flint 200 Sacred Crystals Viking Skill Book Lv.6 50 Tribal Armbands
200 600 Ice Hat Lv.1 Ice Jacket Lv.1
160 480 200k Silver
100 300 20 Excellent Cornelians 100 Bull Horns 500 Solid Bronze
80 240 200 Research Guides
50 150 10k Odinite 50 White Wax 50 Bones 50 Black Jades


Players betting on an item only have a chance of receiving that item. There is also a chance that no one will receive an item.

A direct purchace of gold using USD has a 10 gold per 1 USD rate roughly. All in game store items are cheaper than the event items.

Items Max Event Cost in USD Store Cost in Gold USD Cost for Gold
50 Normal Flint 600 1000 100
200 Sacred Crystals 600 1000 100
Viking Skill Book Lv.6 600 800 80
50 Tribal Armbands 600 1000 100
100 Bull Horns 300 500 50
500 Solid Bronze 300 500 50
200 Research Guides 240 400 40
50 White Wax 150 250 25
50 Bones 150 250 25
50 Black Jades 150 250 25

50 White wax, bones, black jades, or a combination of them can be purchased in the store shop for 250 gold. 210 gold can be purchased directly for 20 USD. It would cost 150 USD to have a 100% chance to get the event items.

625k Silver can be purchased directly for 200 USD making wishing for 200k Silver a bad bet.

Items purchased in the store can be bought anytime and are much cheaper compared to this event.

In game help

1. In the Wishing Tree Event, the World Tree collects everyone's wishes and blesses one lucky elder from among the wishers, giving them Tool they wished for.

2. When the Wishing Tree is full, or when the Wishing Countdown has finished, this Tool Blessing will be over. The lucky player to receive this Tool will be chosen.

3. The more Wishing Cards contributed towards a Tool, the higher the chance to receive it. For example: Contribute 70% of Wishing Cards to have a 70% chance to get this Tool.

4. If you contribute all Wishing Cards needed for this Tool, you will directly receive it.

5. If you have already contributed 30% of Wishing Cards, but have not been chosen as a lucky player, you can use the completion function to contribute the remaining 70% of Wishing Cards and get this Tool. This function is only activated if you have contributed more than 30% of Wishing cards.

6. Wishing Cards and Rewards will not be saved until the next event. Please remember to use your Wishing Cards and Tools.


There seems to be a bug that fails to present a new item if the previous item had no wishes. The timer will count down to 00:00:00 and freeze. The old item is still available for purchase (confirmation needed), and the slot will offer a new item once the old item is purchased. Sometimes the timer resets to 2 days but the old item is still available.

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