Players can cultivate fish in this building. Different types of fish give different rewards.

Viking Fishing Grounds (cultivate)

Viking Fishing Grounds (harvest all)

Types and rewards

There a four options to choose from

  1. Cultivate a fish that gives Silver (one of the best choices, there is no prison yet, so no worries about loss while being off-line)
  2. Cultivate a fish that gives Village Experience (why to accelerating levelling-up? with higher level, harder monsters appear in Helheim)
  3. Cultivate a fish that gives Odinite
  4. Cultivate a fish that gives Sacred Crystals


Farming fish costs an initial silver or gold investment.

Silver investment will mature after 8 hours.

Gold investment matures after 8 hours, 16 hours, or 24 hours depending on time selected at time of investment.

Timers in fishing grounds can only be decreased with gold. No hourglasses allowed.

Fish Type Silver Cost Reward
Arctic Shrimp 250 1250 Silver
Cod 500 1000 Village Exp
Salmon 500 240 Odinite
Oyster 250 1 Sacred Crystal

Unlocking extra slots

One slot is given to each player from the beginning. If you choose to, you can unlock more slots for a price. This will of course pay itself back after a certain time.

Pool number Cost
2 5k Silver

5 Excellent Cornelians

3 10k Silver

10 Excellent Cornelians

4 100 Gold
5 200 Gold
6 400 Gold
7 800 Gold
8 1600 Gold
9 3200 Gold