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Viking Age Beginner's Guide and Tower Defense Tutorials

Here is a helpful guide for beginners

Levels and Tower Defense Strategy (Walktroughs)


There are 4 main types of towers, 12 Special types of towers, and 24 Tower Skills.

When you have the resources to buy one of the 12 special towers or one of the 24 skills, consider carefully your strategy before buying it: the amount of resources requested is fairly high, and it may take days (maybe even a week) before you will be able to purchase another special tower or skill.

Click here for the list of towers and skills

Heroes, Stats, and Ranks

There are 4 Heroes in the game.





Stats determine how strong they are.

Click here to learn about stats

You can upgrade hero ranks to make the heroes stronger.

Click here to learn about Hero Ranks

Equipment and Fashion Tables and Disassemble

There are many different Equips and Fashions. You can learn about their different attributes using the equipment and fashion tables.

Click here for the Equipment Tables free scroll Lite

Click here for the Fashion Tables


Village Buildings

These are the buildings in the Village:


V-Search Center

Dragon Nest

Viking Arena


Everlasting Pool

Aura Quarters Orange (Ssize)



Holy House

Soldier Quarters

Smog Forest

Viking Fishing Grounds



Viking Camp & Hidden Treasure Land


Special Events are added to the game periodically.

You can learn about them here


You can join a Clan and get special bonuses if you contribute.

Click here to learn about clans

VIP Levels

By Spending real life money on the game you can increase your VIP level.

more about VIP Levels


Click here to learn BUG

Contact the Developers 


Where to play



Armor Games:

Trelleborg Bulletin

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