You can sail 4 times per day.

There are 3 areas you can sail in: Glacier Island, White Sea, and Dragon Island. Different areas give different types of tonics.

There are 5 ships to sail with: The Bravery, The Freedom, The Retributor, The Sea's Wrath, and The Golden Wave. Each ship gives different amounts of tonics and Odinite.

You can get better ships by upgrading the basic ship with Silver or Gold. Upgrades are not guaranteed to work. You can upgrade a ship 5 times with 100 silver and 5 times with the gold; 5, 12, 12, 12, 20(~2016/10/27) gold 20 (2016/10/27~)(It's never worth using gold).

Rewards The Bravery The Freedom The Retributor The Sea's Wrath The Golden Wave
Tonics 3 5 10 15 20
Odinite1 40 80 120 240 480
Cornelian 0 0 0 0 1

1- Odinite won is the base amount. Less odinite will be rewarded if your ship is plundered.

Glacier Island White Seas Dragon Island
Tonic Type Wild Python Tonic Rhino Horn Tonic Deer Blood Tonic
Lv Unlocked 16 22 32


You can Plunder other people's ships 10 times(~2016/10/27) 5 times(2016/10/27~) a day.

Plundering will give odinite. As with Sailing, different Ships give different amounts of odinite when plundered. Odinite yield depends on the ratio of your opponets VP vs your VP. A higher VP opponent has higher odinite rewards while a lesser VP opponent has smaller VP rewards.

Plunder Battles have the similar mechanics as Viking Arena Battles but with a few differences. The formation of your heroes are fixed with Waldemar at the top followed by Hilde, Vigdis, and Gunnar. Both sides are forced into this setup regardless of settings.

The defender has no hero skill activation. This is suspected to encourage players to challenge higher VP players and still have a reasonable chance at winning.

Soldiers are not lost during plunders.

Daily tasks ask you to plunder ships 2 times. Both succeeding and failing to plunder count in completing this task.

A particular ship can only be successfully plundered once. If you fail to plunder a ship, you can try again.

Ship Ver.1 Ver.2
The Bravery 5 Odinite 15~45
The Freedom 10 Odinite 20~50
The Retributor 20 Odinite 30~60
The Sea's Wrath 40 Odinite 50~80
The Golden Wave 60 Odinite 70~100

Odinite Discrepancy

There is a difference between odinite lost when being plundered and odinite gained when plundering. Odinite lost when being plundered is a fix amount while odinite won from plundering depends on the difference of Viking power. Extra odinite appears from nowhere.