New Year's Puzzle Activity is an event where minor prizes can be collected after turning in event items won from playing the game.

Sometimes available at random times of the year as well as near New Years.

Available at lv 12.

New Year.png


Collect event items by doing tasks in game. Exchange these event items for goods. See "Exchange Rewards" below.

Event items are found in specific areas. Different event items can be found in the same area at the same time.

Event items can also be found in locations not given in the details. One event item can be found in Hidden Treasure Land and another can be found in the "Secret" Key levels which are available after winning 40 stars on a specific map.

Each event item takes a spot in the inventory, and these event items can be saved. When the same event is ran again at a later date, then the saved event items can be used. This event appears to be very rare only appearing twice in a year.

Out of 115 plunders, 12 "0" and 16 "2" were found which is a 24% chance of an event item on plunder. If the chances are similar to other events, then the chance should be 20%.

Other event items have an unknown chance of appearance.

Event Item Description Location in Description Other locations
New Year 2.png
"runs all over the world" Plunder World Map1 Smog Forest
New Year 0.png
"likes to open blood vessels" Arena Plunder World Map1
New Year 1.png
"hides in a dragon nest" Dragon's Nest Arena
New Year 7.png
"in dense fog" Smog Forest "Secret" Key levels
New Year !.png
"loves to drink" Alehouse Hidden Treasure Land

1 Plundering Levels will give event items. Entering, fighting, and then winning levels appears to never give any event items. This is most likely a bug.

Location Event Items Picture
World Map (Plunder)2 2, 0
New Year World Map.png
Dragon's Nest 1
New year Dragon.png
Smog Forest 2, 7
New Year Smog Forest.png
Arena 1, 0
New Year Arena.png
Hidden Treasure Land !
New Year Hidden Treasure Island.png
Alehouse !
New Year Alehouse.png
"Secret" Key Level 7

2 Plundering levels will give event items "2" or a "0". A "2", "0", nothing, or both event items can be gotten on a single plunder.

Exchange Rewards

Collecting enough event items will allow you to exchange them for rewards.

Event Items Rewards
One "2" One "0" Solid Bronze Regular Wild Python Tonic
Two "2" Two "0" One "1" 2 Solid Bronze 2 Regular Wild Python Tonic 750 Silver
Four "2" Four "0" Two "1" One "7" 4 Solid Bronze 4 Regular Wild Python Tonic 1500 Silver 2 Research Guide
Eight "2" Eight "0" Four "1" Two "7" One "!" 8 Solid Bronze 8 Regular Wild Python Tonic 3000 Silver 4 Research Guide 1 Tribal Armband

New Year exchange.png


It is unknown if this event will happen again. Unlike other events, New Year's 2017 really should only happen once. This makes keeping any event items a gamble as this event might never happen again, and the event item will occupy an inventory place.

This event was ran for the 2018 New Year. It is assumed that there will never be an update and the "7" item will be usable in the future.

It is recommended to exchange any "!" right after they are found. At event end exchange "2017", "201", "20", then sell the extra "2" or "0" if any for silver to save inventory space. The player should consider keeping any remaining "!" event items if unable to exchange do to lacking other items since the next time this event is ran the other event items are easily gained since all locations are now known.

Another strategy is to simply sell any unused event items for silver and inventory space since the best rewards is generally poor but require a very rare "!" item.


Playing a level should have a chance of giving a "2" and a "0" similar to plundering a level. It appears that playing maps never give any New Year event items. In some other events both plunder and playing a level give event items.

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