You can occupy mining locations in the Mines

There are 5 different pages of locations.

There are 5 different kinds of mines: Iron (can't be stolen), Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond. higher quality gives higher rewards.

Occupations can last for 4 hours max. At level 40 (When mines are unlocked) you can occupy 1 location at a time. At level 71, you can occupy 2 spots at a time.

Other people can attack your occupations. If they win, they will kick you from your spot. You will get rewards based off of how long you held the spot.

Mine Type Max Reward $/60sec solder


Iron 2400 Silver 10 42000 60000
Copper 3360 Silver 14 52500 75000
Silver 4080 Silver 17 59500 85000
Gold 4800 Silver 20 63000 90000
Diamond 6000 Silver 25 70000 100000