An Hourglass can remove up to 10 minutes from a count-down, nearly everywhere. It can be used in:

  • Dragon Nest
  • Smog Forest
  • Soldiers Quarters (recruiting soldiers and arm force)
  • Viking Arena
  • The Blacksmith
  • Port
  • Hidden Treasure Land
  • Enhancing Items (on the Heroes screen)
  • Reducing the Queue caused from V-Search Center, Holy House, and some other buildings

It cannot be used in:

Using one of these to completely remove a queue is part of the Daily Tasks. NOTE: A queue must be COMPLETELY removed, so it has to be reset to 0.

Hourglasses can be found from the online gift pack, daily gift pack, ancestral gift, events, and some other places.

A max of 30 can be held in the main inventory at once.