There are four heroes in the game, and they will grant you their power in battle (both the PvE part as well as the PvP part).

Four heroes

The four heroes are:

  • Waldemar With you from the start.
  • Hilde received on day 2 of the newbie login. A new day is right after reset at 00.00 server time (UTC -5) so day 2 could be an hour or about 24 hours away depending on when you start the game.
  • Vigdis purchased for 40 Viking Armbands.
  • Gunnar received on day 7 of the newbie log in.

They each have their strengths and will give an aura to themselves, other heroes, nearby soldiers, or even nearby towers.


To better your heroes you can train them at the training grounds which will Increase their level and with it their stats.


Each hero has a maximum of 6 skills. In the beginning only two of those will be unlocked. You'll be able to get one extra skill with each higher rank. Skills can be upgraded using Viking Skill Books. This will increase the effectiveness of the skill, hit chance, cooldown and more. See the designated page of each hero for specifics on their skills.


Every hero has a total of 8 talents. These have an impact on a hero's speed, power, armor, damage reduction, and much more. Unlocking extra talents requires certain hero ranks. These talents can be improved by using Odinite and Excellent Cornelians. See the designated page of each hero for specifics on their talents.


To even further enhance a hero's stats, a player has the option to spend raw Silver to increase the stats (or even Gold, if you are VIP 2 or higher). Augmenting only has an effect on a couple of stats: Hp, attack, armor, magic resistance and magic damage.

The daily task "Cultivate a Hero's Potential 5 times" means to augment 5 times. Augments can be cancelled or accepted to complete the task.


This is the best way to better your hero. Advancing will give better stats, significantly increase your Viking Power, increase the max level you can train your hero to, and might unlock an extra hero skill.

To advance a hero you need Odinite and Tribal Armbands. Higher ranks will also require Excellent Cornelians. The higher the rank, the higher the amount required materials will be. Legendary Rank is currently unobtainable. (~06/04/17)

Legendary-3 is currently unavailable in game.

The ranks are:

  • Ordinary I
  • Excellent I
  • Excellent II
  • Elite I
  • Elite II
  • Elite III
  • Master I
  • Master II
  • Master III
  • Master IV
  • Legendary I
  • Legendary II
  • Legendary III
  • Legendary IV
  • Legendary V