Excellent Cornelians are a special resource, a very scarce one. Mostly acquired through daily tasks, the Viking Arena, as a special reward in Events, or by buying them with real world currency. It is, however, often used for upgrading towers, magic and heroes.

Ways to get Cornelians:

  1. 1 Cornelian in Daily Tasks in 3rd chest after getting 150 points
  2. 2 Cornelians every month after logging in at least 26 days in a month
  3. 1 Cornelian in Port while sailing with The Golden Wave
  4. Buying for Gold in Store
  5. Various events
  6. Defeating the Helheim Defender, Sand World Python
  7. Once per 3 days in the Viking Arena. Amount of Cornelians depends on ranking and battle group. Check the arena page for details
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