The daily tasks are, as the name says, a sort of event that is to be completed daily. Many of these tasks are relatively easy and can be done by simply playing the game. Others require special attention, for which a player will have to spend Gold, be a higher VIP, or have purchased a Finance plan.

The Daily tasks along with points and rewards are reset at midnight 00.00.00 server time. Any uncollected rewards are lost.


Not all tasks are available at first. Gaining Village Levels will unlock more tasks. There are 265 points total once all tasks become available.

Battle Section

  • Complete one level on normal*
  • Complete three levels on hard or cruel*
  • Plunder two ships (Port)
  • Combine 1 item (Blacksmith)
  • Fight 3 times in the Smog Forest

Training Section

Other Section

  • Clear one queue (Hourglass)
  • Sign in
  • Check the leaderboard once (Trelleborg)
  • Pick cards on the Alehouse 3 times
  • Send 2 ships to sail
  • Search the Aura Quarters 10 times
  • Contribute to the Clan 1 time
  • Contribute to the Clan 2 times$
  • Absolute Plunder 3 times$
  • Spend at least 5 Gold in the Store$
  • Get the Large Finance Plan reward 1 time$

*Fighting in Helheim or a special end of map level does NOT count as a normal, hard, or cruel level. The game has a display error that counts these levels. Players must refresh to get an accurate display of tasks completed.

$Likely requires Gold spending or being a VIP player.


There are five tiers of rewards. Tier 4 can be won by free players, but they must spend some gold in the game store, arena, or clan donations. Tier 5 needs players to complete all 20 point tasks since 250 points must be earned while there are only 265 points total.

Tier Task Points Reward
1 50 1500 Experience

4 Milk

1 Hourglass

2 100 1000 Experience

2 Solid Bronze

2 Regular Wild Python Tonic

1 Mysterious Key

3 150 500 Experience

500 Silver

1 Tribal Armband

1 Excellent Cornelian

4 200 500 Experience

1 White Wax

1 Sacred Crystal

10 Gold

5 250 500 Experience

1 Bull Horn

1 Research Guide

1 Mysterious Key


A display bug sometimes claims tasks are completed. Most common is fighting in Helheim or a secret level and the normal or hard/cruel level task is counted as done in error. Refresh the game to correct this bug.

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