Gather event resources and exchange them for items and chests. This is mostly a free event with options for money players. Generally this event can be completed very quickly.

Requires Village lv 13 to play.

Beer Feast.png


Collect spring water on the Word MAP either by beating or plundering, malt in the Viking Arena, and honey in Smog Forest.

Exchange these event goods for Solid Bronze, Regular Wild Python Tonic, Turf, and White Wax.

You gain Beer Points with each exchange. At certain Beer point milestones you can open Chests. Each chest can only be collected once.

After the event is over, all event items and points are reset to 0.

Beer feast main.png

Beer Exchange

Need Beer Points Solid Bronze Regular Wild Python Tonic Turf White Wax
Spring Water x1 20 1 1 - -
Spring Water x1

Malt x1

60 1 1 1 -
Spring Water x1

Malt x1

Honey x1

140 1 1 1 1

Points Reward

Collect enough points and you can get an extra reward!

15 Honeys along with 15 Spring waters and 15 Malts are enough to open all chests.

For free players, 15 Honeys over 14 days might be too many, so Malts and Spring Waters will also help to reach 2000 points. Doing 3 smog fights, 8 arena battles, and 12 plunders per day should easily yield 2000 points needed for all prizes.

Each chest can only be collected once, and they must be collected in order of least points to highest. A golden bar behind the chests shows progress.

A visual oddity is that opened chests will close after a refresh.

Points Silver Odinite Tribal Armband Viking Skill Book Lv.1 Excellent Cornelian
500 5000 250 1 - -
1200 8000 400 2 2 -
2000 15k 750 3 3 3

Beer Points Reward.png

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