Towers Modification

Dear Viking Warriors,

Hello! In order to improve your game experience, we will be launching an update on 7th July 00:00 (Thursday). The updated content is as follows:

1. Strengthen the Master Hunter Tower's Attack Speed and poisoning effect.

2. Strengthen the Master Hatchet Tower's Attack Power and two auxiliary skills.

3. Strengthen the Guardian Camp's HP and two auxiliary skills.

4. Strengthen the Beserker Camp's Attack Power.

5. Strengthen the Assaulters Camp's Firethrow skill. Now this skill can be used against airborne units.

6. Strengthen the HP of the Altar Of Witches' Zombie skill.

7. Weaken slightly the explosive range of the Giant Dragon Tower's Fire Trail skill.

8. Increase the Magic Resist of all flying enemies.

We hope this update will increase your enjoyment of the game, and thank you for your continued support. Have fun!