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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/19/2016

Viking Camp or what?

Big news! Viking Camp and Hidden Treasure Land will be online tomorrow. Are you ready to explore them and start new adventures?
In the meantime, we will have Beer Feast and Viking Hunter event.
Fighting isn't that easy, is it? Come here and you can get what you desire that way. Not bad, right?
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• 10/5/2016

Fishing Pond?

Be a happy fisherman! Choose different Fishing Ponds, and raise all kinds of seafood. A wonderful Fishing Pond that will bring you value and profits is here! Only for 14 days!
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• 9/28/2016

Helheim going to be released!

Breaking news, everyone! The long-awaited Helheim will finally be launched tomorrow! Arent' you excited?! Let's go challenge it!!
We have also made some optimizations and brought new Promotions.
Store Sales Promotion
The Summer Sales Promotion has begun. All kinds of items are on sale for you to choose from. Go take a look in the Store!
Generous Merchant
Oh, my dear friend. I'm so glad to do business with you Vikings. I have some things here that won't fit on my boat. Perhaps you can use them.
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• 9/20/2016

Clan TriBlade Discussion Thread

Hey Guys, I thought this could be a good place to talk about clan related things :)
Because of the new content that has been released, I think that we should start levelling Kingdom XP again, after reaching clan level 6, what do you think?
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• 8/9/2016

Recent Updates Have Made the Towers and Skills Page Outdated

we need to update all of the tower skills. the recent updates have changed some of the skills'  goods cost and  the way the skills work.
thank you for your help in resolving this problem
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• 8/3/2016

Lottery Expire

Hurry and go to the Market to get exchange Dragon Spirit Stones to play the lottery and get rewards. There'll be none left if you're too late!
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• 7/13/2016

New Events!

Hello Viking Warrors,
How is everything going with Viking Age? Good news for everyone! We are gonna release some new events.
Fenrir's Challenge
Dwarves created a riddle to trap Fenrir, but he escaped from confinement during the God's dusk and tried to swallow the "Father of the Gods"——Odin! Quickly join the Norse Gods team and subdue Fenrir!
Secret Store
Welcome to the Secret Store! There are many things on sale here. You can use Silver or Gold to buy items that are usually hard to get. Items in the Secret Store will refresh for free once every day. If something is sold out, you can refresh the items yourself or wait for them to automatically refresh!
Come and try them out, the rewards are worth it!
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• 7/7/2016

Towers Modification

Dear Viking Warriors,
Hello! In order to improve your game experience, we will be launching an update on 7th July 00:00 (Thursday). The updated content is as follows:
1. Strengthen the Master Hunter Tower's Attack Speed and poisoning effect.
2. Strengthen the Master Hatchet Tower's Attack Power and two auxiliary skills.
3. Strengthen the Guardian Camp's HP and two auxiliary skills.
4. Strengthen the Beserker Camp's Attack Power.
5. Strengthen the Assaulters Camp's Firethrow skill. Now this skill can be used against airborne units.
6. Strengthen the HP of the Altar Of Witches' Zombie skill.
7. Weaken slightly the explosive range of the Giant Dragon Tower's Fire Trail skill.
8. Increase the Magic Resist of all flying enemies.
We hope this update will increase your enjoyment of the game, and thank you for your continued support. Have fun!
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• 7/6/2016

Aura Quarters

Another perfect day playing Viking Age! Some tips about Aura Quarters.
1, Always click on the highest unlocked figure for Silver to get better Emblems.
2, Sell broken Emblems for Silver (red icon which can be found at the bottom right) if you do not want them to take up space.
3, Go for blue Emblems in the beginning.
4, Give each Hero matching Emblems.
If you have any tips or suggestions, please feel free to share with us~
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• 6/21/2016

Facts about Dragon Fairy

Hello Warriors,
We hope you are enjoying Viking Age! Some players may still be unfamiliar with Dragon Fairy, so let us provide a description of it to you.
Dragon Fairy is a flying creature that appears in maps. It carries a package. These bizarre little creatures have all sorts of colors resonating from their body. Whenever they see anything shiny, they want to take it. There might be a chance you will encounter it in the 4th and 8th levels. Share and spread the word with your in-game friends.
Comment below if you have any other questions!
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